The Hook & Hackle Company
"Fly Fishers World-Wide Have Relied On Our Products
For Over 25 Years!"

Making it affordable for you

Like any leisure-time activity, fly fishing should be fun, yet affordable. For over twenty-five years the goal of Hook & Hackle has been to provide the best quality and selection of fly fishing products at affordable prices, combined with rapid service. They welcome your suggestions to expand their product line and to improve their service. (But frankly, the reports we've had is the service can't be beat!)

To provide good fishing equipment at affordable prices, Hook & Hackle developed their own 'line' of rods and reels. Getting into fly fishing doesn't have to be expensive. You just need to know where to buy. Your choices include; Hook & Hackle, Cortland, St. Croix, Scientific Anglers, and Pflueger. The outfits are compete set-ups with fly line, reel, backing, leader, and either video or booklets to help the new angler get started right. All of the rods of course may be purchased seperately.

They also have a complete selection of blanks.


  • Hook & Hackle
  • Diamondback
  • St. Croix
  • G. Loomis
  • Rainshadow
  • Pacific Bay
  • Kits
Everything you need to make that fine fly rod is in the catalog too. Rod wrapping tools, books, videos, rod bags and cases, grips, cork rings, all kinds of guides, thread, finishes, color preserver and a variety of reel seats. It's all there.

Do you want a Custom Rod - but don't have the time, space or expertise to build one yourself? Now you can choose the blank, reel seat, guides, thread colors and Hook and Hackle will have it built for you! A flat price for building the rod, plus the cost of materials you pick out. A NEW service from Hook and Hackle.

For any angler, Hook & Hackle probably has just what you've been looking for! Reels? Of course. Lines? Certainly - and the leaders, backing, and tippets too.

If you are a fly tyer, you must have the Hook & Hackle catalog.

Tying Materials:

  • Tools
  • Books and videos
  • Hooks (lots of hooks - Mustad and Tiemco)
  • Wire
  • Tinsels
  • Floss
  • Chenille
  • Yarns
  • Artificial Dubbing
  • All kinds of flash and fur
  • Eyes and beads
  • Animal tails
  • Hair and Fur
  • Prepared Dubbing
  • Feathers - Whiting, Keough and Metz
  • Strung Hackle, Indian Rooster and Hen
  • Spey Hackle
And much, much more! There is good information on the Hook & Hackle website too, for rod builders, tiers and anglers. Spend some time there.

Call or email for your catalog - or check out the Hook & Hackle website. One more thing - they offer 20% off on internet orders.

The Hook & Hackle Company
607 Ann Street Rear
Homestead, PA 15120
Phone: 1-800-552-8342
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