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Based on years of experience in the world's most exciting fishing destinations, the founders of Hedron instinctively knew adding a synthetic accent that caught and reflected light to the traditional marabou feathers on flies would reap a better catch. It did. The need to add "flash" to flies was seen as a means to improve the fly fisherman's productivity and ingenuity. FLASHABOU was born.

That was 1982, and the company was born. This "marabou flash" instantly kicked off an industry wide craze. FLASHABOU's super strong metallic fibers were soon part of flies and lures everywhere. Manufacturers added the flash to their fly patterns. And individuals, for whom tying is a hobby, and art and a passion, had whole new worlds opened to them.

Sand Lance (Skinny Minny)

Here's a neat use of the Hedron Flashabou Minnow Body (1/8 diameter), silver. This bait imitation should be tied in the sizes of your local bait. The body material can be colored to match the minnows with permanent felt markers. Click on the fly for complete tying instructions.

FLASHABOU set the industry standards and led the way for numerious imitators and countless product variations. Today the Original, Genuine FLASHABOU is joined by a complete line of synthetics for the enthusist, including:

  • Glow in the Dark FLASHABOU.

  • Holographic FLASHABOU.

  • Saltwater FLASHABOU.

  • FLASHABOU Accent.

  • FLASHABOU tubing.

  • Big Fly Fiber.

  • Polarflash.

  • Wing N' Flash.

  • Wiggle Legs.

  • Perfect Rubber.

  • Tinsel Tail Lures.

  • FLASHABOU Mirage.

  • Mirage Fringe.

  • Fire Fly.

  • FLASHABOU Dubbing.

FLASHABOU Mirage is Hedron's latest, and most revolutionary, new product. Mirage is the first of its kind tying material and the most realistic fish tone to date. Through advanced production methods Hedron was able to combine FLASHABOU's reflective qualities with color shifting technologies to create an iridescent, chameleon effect in every single fiber. The result? Mirage actually adapts to the color of its surroundings! It is available in several forms, Opal Mirage, Krinkle and Opal Mirage Sheets, Mirage Accent, Mirage Fringe and Wide Cut Mirage Fringe for saltwater.

Hedron has a reputation for innovation - if you haven't tried their products, you are missing an opportunity for a better catch! For a color catalog of the Hedron tying products, send a email request to: dm@hedroninc.com

Hedron, Inc.
402 North Main Street
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082
Phone: 651-430-9606
Fax: 651-430-9607
Email link: dm@hedroninc.com

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