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Produced within eye sight of the banks of the world famous Blue-Ribbon Bow River, Fly Fusion magazine is popular among fly anglers looking to hone their craft. This instructionally based quarterly fly fishing publication features some of the best in the sport. The magazine covers all spectrums; here are just a few examples:

Current Issue!

    The Fish As Prey - Gary A. Borger

    Riffling Hitch - Paul Smith

    Wiggle Butts - John R. Gantner

    Falling For Ants - Don Maclean


    Fly Tiers Canvas - Jeremy Davies

    Stream Lines - Derek Bird

    Letters - From our readers

    Bugs: Damselflies - Phil Rowley

    Casting Creel - Chris Seipio

    Hooks & Half Hitches - Darren Maceachern

    Product Update - Fly Fusion Staff

    Fly Tier's Table - Steve May

    Water Marks - Jim McLennan

Fly Fusion is the official fly fishing publication for Canada's largest fly fishing exposition and is the go-to publication for news on this and other events.

Fly Fusion
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