New DiamondFly Rods

The new DiamondFly series from Diamondback is without question one of the most handsome series of rods ever produced by anyone, at any price. An excellent all-around fly fishing rod, from trout to tarpon, and an exceptional value. The DiamondFly series utilizes an advanced taper designed to give you maximum response and control at short distances, and crisp, tight loops for longer casts. Constructed from reliable DGS800 graphite and bi-directional fiberglass scrim, the DiamondFly series is perfect for anglers who prefer a lightweight, faster action rod. DiamondFly rods feature a dark olive finish with distinctive hardware that could only come from Diamondback.

DiamondFly Two Piece: From the lightest small stream rods to an array of five weights and light saltwater, these new DiamondFly two-piece rods are light, powerful rods with appropriately sensitive tips. Freshwater models feature a new diamond cut pattern in the reel seat with birdseye maple barrels for a distinctive, premium look. Saltwater models are constructed with full metal reel seats, easily identified by a unique cut-out diamond patters on the top and engraved diamond pattern on the barrel. You'll not find a higher quality fly rod for the money.

DiamondFly Four Piece: Traveling anglers find it more difficult today than ever to move quickly through airports. This year we're offering the new DiamondFly series in a big selection of four-piece models both for the traveler and for the angler who just wants that added convenience of a multipiece rod. Constructed just like the two piece models with the freshwater models featuring a new diamond cut pattern in the reel seat with birdseye maple barrels for a distinctive, premium look. Saltwater models are constructed with full metal reel seats, easily identified by a unique cut-out diamond pattern on the top and engraved diamond pattern on the barrel. These are premium four-piece fly rods.

Classic Trout and Classic Western

Legendary for its superb balance, smooth action and easy casting over a variety of distances, and Classic Trout series may be as close to the ultimate all-around trout rods as you can get. This year in addition to "bringing back the Classics", we've expanded further by including a new series of slightly faster rods with all the favorite attributes of the original Classic by adding the Classic Western. Both series are the culmination of over 30 years of rod engineering and development, utilizing progressive taper construction with our own intermediate modulus graphite. The power braid system is once again utilized on the Classics, not only for its incredible strength, but also making it one of the most distinctive fly rods available anywhere.



It's not your fathers' old car and its not your fathers' old glass rod either, this is the new glass from Diamondback - Diamondglass. Some things do go full-circle and now technology takes another innovative leap to your advantage with S2 Fiberglass. These are hand-crafted fiberglass trout rods that are a must have - loaded with flexibility, strength and sensitivity far beyond anything available in graphite. The low profile S2 fiberglass and medium-progressive action combine to put Diamondglass in a class by itself. Diamondglass rods are magnificently finished in black gloss with the finest nickel silver and American Rosewood reel seats, stainless chrome guides with a hialoy insert in the stripping guides. Available only in 3 and 4 wt., lengths from 6'6" to 8 foot, 2-piece rods.

Diamondback Americana

An advanced combination of craftsmanship and performance, the Diamondback Americana series is a unique fly rod that emphasizes quality as much as affordability. Handcrafted from blanks made in our Vermont factory, these medium-fast action rods are easy loading for smooth short casts, yet sill retain plenty of power when you need to reach out further and deliver your fly on target. Designed with a taper to suit most any level of angler, the Diamondback Americana series features hard chrome stainless steel guides and an anodized nickel silver colored reel seat for years of trouble-free performance. The Americana is a sanded charcoal gray blank with Vermont green wraps, nickel silver colored hardware and a hard maple reel seat on the freshwater models and full aluminum on the saltwater models.

Double Handed Salmon and Steelhead Rods

Names like Restigouche, Miramichi, Tweed and Skeena are all synonymous with salmon and steelhead fishing. Big water, big fish, long rods. At Diamondback, we are proud to continue our long tradition of building handmade fly rods with an all-new series of double handed salmon and steelhead rods. New for 2004, Diamondback's new Salmon/Steelhead double handed rod series has been developed for maximum casting distance, superior line control and effortless tight loops even in the most difficult conditions. With their unique ability to cover larger water and for their ease of casting, these double handers are a joy to cast hour after hour. Available in three piece sizes of 12 1/2' for a 7/8 weight, 13' for an 8/9 weight, 14' for a 9/10 weight, and 15' for a 10 weight. Diamondback's Salmon/Steelhead rods are European action -- lightweight, mid-tip action.

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