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Experience Does Count

Tying Hair Wing Flies
Al and Gretchen Beatty have worked together, tied together, taught tying classes and demonstrations throughout the world - and at the end of the day, fished together. They've produced tying videos, tied commercially, and through their connections with the Federation of Fly Fishers have written two fly tying books to help fund conservation projects. FFF Fly Pattern Encyclopedia and Tying Hair Wing Flies shown on the right. They've seen it and absorbed it all like sponges.

Dan Vise That's to your advantage! Their experience and knowledge about fly tying (and as guides, fly fishing) has allowed them to bring together excellent products, whose quality often belies the modest price.

Dan Reel BT's Fly Fishing Products offers the Danica Vise (Dan Vise) and the Dan Reel. Read Al Campbell's in depth Product Review of the BT's Fly Fishing Products HERE.

BT's Rotary Tying Station

Al and Gretchen have a wonderful collection of fly tying videos, featuring the series of Gary LaFontaine flies as well as difficult tying methods made simple by Al and Gretchens expert instruction.

Do not miss the tying materials of all sorts. Picked especially for you. Tools, hair, hackle, beads, tubes and accesories for tube flies, floatants, tying wax - the whole range of goodies!

Visit online BT's Fly Fishing Products and see for yourself.

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BT's Fly Fishing Products
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