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We have forever recommended wearing sunglasses whenever you are fly fishing - or even practicing your casting. We do so for a multitude of reasons, but from a very practical view, polarized sunglasses are a must. The difference is immediately visable in the two photos below. Which 'view' would you rather have?

See the fish?


Smith Action Optics sunglasses are developed to meet the needs and performance expectations of people who are serious about protecting their eyes from the adverse effects of sunlight and wind. We use the finest materials on the planet as well as the best designers and most experienced engineers available. The results are sunglasses that not only improve your vision, but look great, fit perfectly, and are extremely comfortable to wear.

For an interactive comparison of what polarized sunglasses really do, take a look at: Click on 'Simulator'.

Slide Shoe
Crystal Collection Slide Show.

Perfect for Anglers POLARIZATION: An optical innovation that brings so much to those of us who enjoy the outdoors. On a daily basis, we encounter glare, the light reflected off of flat surfaces such as pavement, snow, sand and especially water. This unwanted "glare" component interferes with clear vision, washes out colors, fatigues eyes and can lead to visual discomfort and headaches. Smith Action Optics polarized lenses utilize the finest in polarized technology to block glare.

Put these on your face

For those of us who must wear glasses to see, finally real prescription sunglasses! And of course, ready-to-wear as well, including moderately priced clip-ons. Simply the best.

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